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The following SEO Tools are provided absolutely FREE by NexToronto WordPress Development & Internet Marketing. NexToronto believes that SEO requires a multi-faceted approach and every little bit counts when it comes to search engine optimization.

While NexToronto specializes in WordPress development our strength is also in digital marketing. Our staff consists of SEO, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing experts who want to help you stand out apart from your competitors.

The SEO tools below if used properly can help you understand your website and how you compare against your competitors.

While these SEO Tools are not the most sophisticated SEO Tools available they can provide an edge in understand where you stand against other businesses in your industry and how much work is involved in order to surpass them in the search engine results.

These SEO Tools not only provide insight on how your website ranks but also looks at usability, speed, auditing, help identify site errors and other handy tools to boost engagement and help build website authority.

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