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The Page Authority Checker is a valuable SEO Tool which was developed by MOZ. It works on a 100 point scale that predicts how a page will rank in search engines. Page Authority operates on the URL level and is part of Domain Authority. It is based off Mozscape web index and includes link counts, MozRank, MozTrust and a dozen other SEO factors. This SEO Tool uses a machine learning model to predictively finds algorithms that best correlates with rankings across thousands of search results to compare against in order to determine the result. The Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) should be used in combination in order to determine a pages link profile. It examines raw link popularity and link counts, raw quanitities of a pages/sites linking, the authority numbers answer the question of how strong a pages/sites links are?. The difference beween domain authority and page authority is that domain authority will measure the overall strength of a domain or subdomain. To use the Page Authority Checker simply enter 1 or multiple domains in the textbox below and the submit button. This SEO Tool is a great way to see how you compare against your competitors.

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