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This SEO Tool allows you to easily and quickly test your websites page speed. Simply enter a domain or URL into the input box and click the submit button. The Page Speed Checker will look at factors on the page such as CSS links, script links, image links and other resources so you can understand where page optimization needs to be made. Importance of Page Speed has become ever increasingly important these days since Google has made it an SEO factor taken into consideration when ranking websites. Page loading time not only affects search engine ranking but can also make a drastic impact on usability and how visitors respond to your website. Every second counts. Page speed is a major contributing factor to page abandonment and bounce rates. visitors looking for information have little patience for page loading and justifyably so. Just think about how you would react when you visit a website that is loading incredibly slow. Chances are you will leave and look elsewhere. As mobile internet browsers have become prominent, page speed has become crucial since speed on a phone tends to be a lot slower than desktop browsing. Most mobile web users are willing to wait an average of 6-10 seconds before they abandon pages. For ecommerce websites, page speed can impact cart abandonment. Statistially, a 1 second delay in page response time can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. In fact, if a website earns $100K per day the end result would be a $2.5 million per year loss in sales.

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