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About Plagiarism Checker

Having unique content is extremely important for Search Engine Optimization. The duplicate content penalty has been a term that has been widley repeated for over a decade. If you have copied or scraped content on your website then this could result in lower ranking in search engines which is why it's important to invest your time in writing original content. The palgiarism checker allows you to paste your content into the box below and check if your content is unique with the click of a button. You can even find out the percentage of uniqueness. Often times site owners will outsource content writing and find out later that their content was either copied or barely original which is why this handy tool should be part of the process and save you from wasting money on lazy freelancers. Not only will the plagiarism checker benefit website owners but it can also benefit teachers checking submitted papers and students checking for citations. The results of the plagiarism checker work as follows: Red lines will outline content that already exists online. Green lines will outline original content. If your aim is to rank higher in search engine results then the plagiarism checker can be a very reliable SEO tool.

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